Custom modified electronics for creating video art within the realm of music videos, film production, photography and studio experimentation.

TACHYONS+ is a video gear design team that creates unique tools for experimental visual artists around the world.  

Based in North Florida and in business for years. We are dedicated analog video art gear makers for what is also known as video synthesis, glitch, psychedelic television painting and live projection wizardry. 

The gear we currently offer are modified from obsolete devices built in the 80's and 90's, re-created to be used today in applications such as music videos, photography, graphic design, film-making and experimental art via companion video tools: computers, VCR's, televisions, vintage camcorders and digital cameras.

These devices built from the past, made new today through the Tachyons+ lab, offer new dimensions in creating visuals and displaying video in forms that reach to an obscure history of circuitry in hand with a distorted future of color and movement.

Simple and powerful is our key....

Feel free to contact us with any further questions.