One of the best ways for capturing work is filming a CRT TV with a digital camera and putting the capture file into a computer for editing, projecting, etc.

Think of the CRT TV as a canvas for painting analog visuals. 

Highly recommend the Sony Trinitron. Especially the *WEGA* model. It works absolute perfect with distortions. The crisp electric detail and glowing control of colors make the WEGA essential for analog video creative design. They are getting tougher to find due to the retro video game uprise. If you look in your local internet sale sites you can still find them cheap and sometimes even free: “Get this old thing outta here!” 

The flat screen versions are best for filming and photography: “Flat CRTs reduce the amount of glare on the screen by reflecting much less ambient light than spherical or vertically flat CRTs. Flat screens also increase total image viewing angle and reduce overall geometric distortion.“

They also stabilize heavy glitch effects, Time Base Corrector tech is not fully needed in the workflow when using a Trinitron WEGA. Though TBC always does help.

A CRT can be used for live shows by filming the video distortions off the CRT with a camcorder and sending that to a mixer / projector. You can also stack them and use that for installations and live shows.

LCD TV's will work too. A lot of people use this gear and don't even own a CRT TV.