For now, all the gear is built to order. The base gear is rare and becoming rarer to find. Soon we will have fresh gear out that will be ready to buy at order. Stay tuned, we are a small team and put a lot of care into each gear.

We do offer a longtime guarantee on this gear. Any issues, just let us know and we will fix or replace. Of course, this is outside over-abuse on your end. If you take care of it, it will last you many years. Our return rate is low. Due to their age and experimental way, things can happen though, just know we are here to help. 

Colors on the case are custom, so let know what colors you would like on your gear. I can do anything almost, just not designs.

The knobs work in the 7-10 range, some more, some less. Thats because they are modified electronics and not synth designs. Even with that bit of room though, you will find all kinds of hidden magic.

The pushbuttons are for tapping out a beat to music or random effecting. There are no audio inputs on the gear at the moment so this allows to 'beat-match' video effects. Turning knobs will also allow rhythm effect. The CV inputs will allow insane rhythmic effects that your hands can not do....

The CV inputs are for modulars and synthesizers/sequencers with CV out. Think of them as robot friends helping control the video art. They are optional. Let know if you want CV inputs when ordering. Have to build a PCB for each one. They work great, very solid. 

Our gear is used in many PAL areas. To use our gear with PAL, usually it can be by flipping a switch on another gear or using a convertor for PAL/NTSC. It depends on what your set-up is. I have used PAL TV's with no issues. Simple easy to find NTSC / PAL convertors can be used. Frame rate is not a issue either, thanks to Jason Galea for this info.

We do ship internationally and have so for many years with rarely an issue. 

For any further questions or ordering: