If you want to run the video gear into a projector.
This is how I recommend it:

T+ gear alone =
(Or in conjunction with a Video Mixer and other video gear) =

Out to a Time Base Corrector =
(Unless you are using a video mixer with healthy TBC built-in)

To a Composite to VGA Convertor =

To the projector.

If you want to use multiple projectors, a powered splitter is needed.

If the projector does not have VGA just use the correct convertors for HDMI, component, S-Video, etc. Due to a large market of this type of gear, you have to experiment to find what works best. Below you can see my personal workflow for doing live shows. 


Or you could just stack a row of giant CRT TV's and use that for projecting video art behind music artists.

This video shows how to film a CRT TV and project the result.