The Tachyons+ gear is for processing visuals. The type of source you use is important. Each type of source has its own unique signal.


Use a VCR for capturing hidden warped analog artifact tones. Any ole VCR that works is good, though some are better than others, so it Is good to experiment with different VCR's in the wild. Panasonic AG-1970 / 1980 or similar high tech VCR with built in TBC is the perfect VCR for analog video work. 


You can also use DVD and computers as sources. DVD's give a more defined smoother look when creating with the T+ gear. Burning video sources to DVD and using that as a sources is a way around using a pricey digital to analog convertor.


HI-8 / 8MM / VHS-C camcorders from the past are delicious for capturing live source and working with video feedback with a CRT TV. Lovely warm textures and dreamy tones can be found in them. You can record a digital screen with them and run them out to the analog. Use them to film a CRT and send to a mixer in way of stabilizing any disturbance for mixers, capturing or projectors. 

Below, you can see where I filmed flowers using a HI-8 camcorder and used it for making content with the T+ gear for a live show. 



The T+ gear works great for processing analog video synths and computer video synths.

To coax alien textures from the T+ gear, you can run the T+ gear out to a CRT TV with no input going into the T+ gear. After that, by turning knobs, strangeness will emerge.

Or try this... run a VCR into the T+ gear (don't actually play the VCR or camcorder, just have it ON, the power source is feeding into the T+ input creating a loop) and it will turn the gear into a abstract pattern maker. The T+ gear is mainly meant for processing though.