The key component to acquire for flawless video projections....


Time Base Correction stabilizes a video signal, making it essential for live video glitch projections but you can still use it without one. They just help a lot! Without one, you will encounter occasional drop-outs in projection and have to work around them. 

Note: TBC is not exactly needed for studio work. The WEGA CRT mentioned in the CRT TV section really keeps the stabilization in check.

You can find TBC two ways: 

This is the strongest way to take care of nasty distortions from the beyond. Pretty easy to find used and cheap. Ebay search: Time Base Corrector. FOR-A is a brand I highly recommend. Works rock solid. 100% no drop-out. Built like a tank. They were built for TV station production broadcasts back in the day. 

2: VIDEO MIXER. Commercial video mixers with built in effects and multiple channels for mixing sources and sometimes built-in TBC (not as strong as the stand alone TBC's noted above but work decent.)

To look out for: 

PANASONIC MX-12 / MX-30 / MX-50

EDIROL V4 (Probably the weakest of the video mixers with 'TBC' but in the menu you can strengthen it)

Some are cheaper and of course have different features than others. A mixture of both a rack and a mixer would always be the optimal destination for live and studio work. Yet, as I mentioned above not completely essential to start off with. I rarely use TBC in my studio work. Just for live shows and capturing really nasty distortions into a computer.

Note: One of the cool things about the rackmount versions is that they have analog knobs to control color effects which can do amazing things live with your work set-up. Think of it as a live video E.Q. controller for the studio or performance

One TBC to avoid! is the small handheld ones on ebay for 200$. Stick to the older types from the 90's. The rackmounts or a video mixer.

Good rackmount TBC’s to look for:
FOR.A / Hotronic / Datavideo / Prime Image

I will have some video demos and more detailed information of various TBC tech here soon! Feel free to ask me anything on this topic.