Using Tachyons+ gear in post production is where you will find new worlds of visual magic. This is where exploring your creative powers really ramps up.

While you can just plug in and play and get interesting usable stuff. Eventually, you will want to take it further…

Using the capturing style options (filming a TV or direct into your computer) in post production will open up many possible realms of creativity.

Using software such as Resolume. After Effects. Touchdesigner. Lumen or even just simple video editing software, will rev up fascinating results.

While computers do amazing things, it can not fully capture the ghostly dream space that analog video offers. Filming a TV causes the breathing ambience seen in a lot of the demos. Blending the two dimensions, the open living space of the analog power and the finely tuned compressed digital realm, is key.

In post-production, it is all up to your creative ideas and vision. Adapting new tools, dreaming up new ideas, taking the past, the present, the future, combining them into a fresh work of art.

You will find how something you captured days, weeks before to be useful in post production, that at the time you did not think had potential. A backlog or library of video sessions is key in continuing work.